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Nature Art

I found that nature art is a great way to capture children’s imagination and creativity. At the time of this particular morning out, it was also a perfect distraction from “Why are we walking around this forest when we are so cold and feel so miserable? and surely it’s time for our snack..!”-kind of talk.

nature art

I started to put a few leaves down and straight away Jonah’s mood changed and his imagination was working fast: “Let’s make a circle”, “We can find some pinecones”, “I think it’s going to be a tree” and Noah was happy to follow.

There was a little tension in deciding what to put in the centre as Jonah wanted chestnut and Noah insisted on a stone, but they managed to compromise…

nature art

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Celebrating harvest

At the weekend we visited Attingham Park, which is part of National Trust. It is an 18th century mansion and a great big estate, with amazing deer park, miles and miles of wonderful woodland as well as gardens to inspire (though I manage to bring my camera with an empty battery so didn’t take many pictures). It was a weekend of harvest festival and it was great to take part in it. There was some apple pressing using apples from their orchard, locally made cider, butter making and many other things to taste and see. I love these impressive harvest displays:



I haven’t been too enthusiastic recently when it comes to veggie picking in my garden. Knowing that with every basketful of tasty tomatoes, we re getting closer to the end of the season and am aware of all the digging and green house cleaning that will have to happen soon. But the wonderful harvest atmosphere stayed with me and I am more appreciative of our last few crops we re yet to enjoy.


On a quick and different note, this is where my blue African flowers found their home, brightening our hall way.




Recently I found myself between first week of school nursery (with my older son) and terrible two’s kicking in with my younger son, which made for a crazy, busy and extremely tiring week. If I could only wave a white flag and surrender… I would have done it daily. But starting the second full week of nursery and terrible two’s- with a beautiful, full of sunshine Monday morning felt a lot more manageable and I am very grateful for that. It’s funny that I could deal a lot better with stressful days and weeks at work, but my own little tiny children have super powers to break me in minutes!

Last week required a lot of my focused attention and I didn’t get up to much crafting, but here are a couple of little things I made:

earings These earing are for a present which I wanted to give a very long time ago…huh there are still waiting to be wrapped and posted…

african flower

I really like african flower motif, and it was nice to take quick 15 minutes, while boys watched “Thomas” to learn it. I want to use it in a tiny house decorating project.

And here are photos I took on two of our trips to National trust places. I love those natural beautiful vibrant colours!


It kind of looks like a mandala…

national tr.

Happy Monday!!!

Into the wild


September is almost here and I ve been trying to get into a new routine. Jonah is starting nursery and we need to manage our daily time better. I have also been having nature on my mind quite a lot recently especially with regards to my children and their mental and physical wellbeing. Last night I stumbled across two programs (without any efforts to find them!), which bizarrely enough were very much linked to what I was thinking about and trying to figure out. Both of them started with the scary fact that our children will be the first generation to die younger than their parents!!!!! …and the main problem mentioned was that nowadays we spent most of our lives indoors. And it does make you think that most of our life we get up- jump in the car drive to work and spend the whole day indoors and drive back home and just stay home for the rest of the evening. It’s definitely not a nice perspective for my children to have and I don’t want nature to be downsized to a weekend trip… so more time outdoors will be the starting point of our new routine! We even tried it out today spending 2.5 hours of earlish morning in the woods and afternoon in the garden. I love the inspiration that children have from being in the wild….(???I’d love to say “in the wild”…but a park in the middle of a big city…is a bit far from “wild”…though I guess it’s our “city wild”, with no footpaths or any human in sight). It even made tired children who slept very badly last night a lot calmer for the whole day.


Spending time in nature


The temperature seems to be dropping down everyday and I can feel every degree of it! It almost feels like I can smell Autumn in the air and it feels like it’s just around the corner! …so we ve been taking advantage of the last few days of the summer and still mostly dry weather and we ventured out to a few forests and meadows over the past few days. Being close to nature is wonderful and it stimulates children’s imagination in so many ways. From finding ” a bouncy branch” on an old oak tree, finding slippery slopes to run down or roll down from, to looking out for animal foot prints and collecting different tree leaves. It makes children feel free.

heatherBeautiful heather, that we collected on one of our walks- it brightens up our kitchen windowsill.

…huh…with many outings…my crochet blanket has been growing quite sloooowly…but still growing :)blanket