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A pretend birthday

There are some days that you just wish it was your birthday…at least 3 year old Jonah is having A LOT of those days. He started asking about his birthday in September and he was born in March! He is very patient, doesn’t get upset, but he just really wishes his birthday would come sooner. So on Friday he asked the usual morning question: “is it my birthday today?” and I replied “Nope, but in 35days it will be!!!”, to which his response was “ that soon?”. His expression was so full of hope that I quickly managed to save the moment by saying: “We have to wait a bit longer for your real birthday, but actually I just realised that today is your PRETEND BIRTHDAY!”

And we had the most exciting day!

We picked a recipe for healthy carrot cupcakes and got mixing…


and 30 mins later…


it turns out that when it’s pretend birthday anybody can pick a candle and blow it!



and don’t forget about frothy milk with cinnamon sprinkles!


I wanted to try this recipe for a while…if you’re looking for a healthy cupcake recipe this one is definitely worth a try. It uses brown rice syrup without any sugar and you can add any gluten-free flour you wish. We used organic wholemeal spelt flour (spelt does contain some gluten) that we got from our trip to a local windmill in the summer.

If it’s YOUR PRETEND BIRTHDAY today we hope you have a lots of fun!


Farewell to The Snowman and the Snowdog- with a craft

On Christmas Eve we introduced our boys to “the Snowman and the Snowdog”- it’s a lovely story with beautiful pictures and great music and my boys loved it straight away. We bought the soundtrack from the film and Jonah loves to talk about what goes on in the film as we listen to the songs. That’s how I got the idea for this craft…


On the tray I set up black colour paper, some self adhesive googly eyes, white chalk, pva glue, cotton wool and tiny silver stars AND I played The Snowman and the Snowdog music in the background.


Later on I gave them a piece of green foam to make a hat…


…and the focus shifted to the joy of using scissors and learning to cut…



Noah decided to make the blue glue spreader part of his work..

Ahhh…it will be sad to put “The Snowman and the Snowdog” DVD away in our Christmas box…but we ll all have something to look forward to in 11 months:)


An invitation to create


I tend to keep my children’s arts and crafts to the earlier part of the day, when minds are fresh and bodies are full of energy… Though today I thought I’d try a little after nursery art for a bit of relaxed time while waiting for dinner.


I set out two of the same trays with paper, pencil crayons and a few things like magazine snippets, cotton wool, glue, stickers and, glitter…and this is what happened:



Clearly they weren’t influenced by the colours blue and green… and here is their finished work:


by Jonah


and by Noah.

Noah breaks things

Noah, my younger (22 month old) son breaks things!! I know that children break things but my older son, by the age of 3.5 years broke maybe 3-4 things. Noah’s count of broken items (if I was counting) would be easily in twenties or even higher. When he could walk steady on his feet, which was before his first birthday, he would pick glasses from tables or on tippy toes swipe kitchen worktops, smashing cups and bowls. It was happening so often that I finally learnt to reduce his breaking rate down and now it only happens once a week! The last two weeks he “chose” Friday or more probably caught me off guard after a long and tiring week, and here is this week’s casualty:

jar of salt

A jar of sea salt.

I just wish I wasn’t getting so worked up about it, he doesn’t do it on purpose anymore (unless he’s very sneaky about it) and he even says “ohhh nooo!”, though I think that I’m actually getting annoyed with myself for not preventing it from happening. At least it’s nothing really valuable, though smashed glass full of sticky salt makes A LOT of mess.

Keeping on “the children” subject but in a different direction… I do love when children discover and learn new things and then try to put it into words, and today Jonah came to me and said:

J: “Mummy, did YOU built our house?”

Me: “No, mummy and daddy bought it”

J: “Umm… Did you bring it here in a car?”

Me: “No, a group of people built this house here and then we came and bought it.”

J: “Oh, it’s called the earth, where the house stands on top of! ……. isn’t it?”

It’s nice to see that they find simple things as intriguing as last week’s “I wonder if the moon is hot or cold” :)

Have a nice weekend!