Into the wild


September is almost here and I ve been trying to get into a new routine. Jonah is starting nursery and we need to manage our daily time better. I have also been having nature on my mind quite a lot recently especially with regards to my children and their mental and physical wellbeing. Last night I stumbled across two programs (without any efforts to find them!), which bizarrely enough were very much linked to what I was thinking about and trying to figure out. Both of them started with the scary fact that our children will be the first generation to die younger than their parents!!!!! …and the main problem mentioned was that nowadays we spent most of our lives indoors. And it does make you think that most of our life we get up- jump in the car drive to work and spend the whole day indoors and drive back home and just stay home for the rest of the evening. It’s definitely not a nice perspective for my children to have and I don’t want nature to be downsized to a weekend trip… so more time outdoors will be the starting point of our new routine! We even tried it out today spending 2.5 hours of earlish morning in the woods and afternoon in the garden. I love the inspiration that children have from being in the wild….(???I’d love to say “in the wild”…but a park in the middle of a big city…is a bit far from “wild”…though I guess it’s our “city wild”, with no footpaths or any human in sight). It even made tired children who slept very badly last night a lot calmer for the whole day.



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