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a little bit of flowers and crochet

The temperature outside is rising and the sunshine is so warm, which means that Spring is just round the corner…and while waiting to finally welcome Spring I’ve been enjoying some lovely winter flowers…




..and trying out this crochet stitch/pattern… I like it because it doesn’t look very feminine and should make a good scarf (or cowl) for a little boy…who has lost his scarf a few weeks ago. The colours are quite wintery but can’t blame little boys for not wanting to wear bright spring colours:)



Recently I found myself between first week of school nursery (with my older son) and terrible two’s kicking in with my younger son, which made for a crazy, busy and extremely tiring week. If I could only wave a white flag and surrender… I would have done it daily. But starting the second full week of nursery and terrible two’s- with a beautiful, full of sunshine Monday morning felt a lot more manageable and I am very grateful for that. It’s funny that I could deal a lot better with stressful days and weeks at work, but my own little tiny children have super powers to break me in minutes!

Last week required a lot of my focused attention and I didn’t get up to much crafting, but here are a couple of little things I made:

earings These earing are for a present which I wanted to give a very long time ago…huh there are still waiting to be wrapped and posted…

african flower

I really like african flower motif, and it was nice to take quick 15 minutes, while boys watched “Thomas” to learn it. I want to use it in a tiny house decorating project.

And here are photos I took on two of our trips to National trust places. I love those natural beautiful vibrant colours!


It kind of looks like a mandala…

national tr.

Happy Monday!!!