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Noah breaks things

Noah, my younger (22 month old) son breaks things!! I know that children break things but my older son, by the age of 3.5 years broke maybe 3-4 things. Noah’s count of broken items (if I was counting) would be easily in twenties or even higher. When he could walk steady on his feet, which was before his first birthday, he would pick glasses from tables or on tippy toes swipe kitchen worktops, smashing cups and bowls. It was happening so often that I finally learnt to reduce his breaking rate down and now it only happens once a week! The last two weeks he “chose” Friday or more probably caught me off guard after a long and tiring week, and here is this week’s casualty:

jar of salt

A jar of sea salt.

I just wish I wasn’t getting so worked up about it, he doesn’t do it on purpose anymore (unless he’s very sneaky about it) and he even says “ohhh nooo!”, though I think that I’m actually getting annoyed with myself for not preventing it from happening. At least it’s nothing really valuable, though smashed glass full of sticky salt makes A LOT of mess.

Keeping on “the children” subject but in a different direction… I do love when children discover and learn new things and then try to put it into words, and today Jonah came to me and said:

J: “Mummy, did YOU built our house?”

Me: “No, mummy and daddy bought it”

J: “Umm… Did you bring it here in a car?”

Me: “No, a group of people built this house here and then we came and bought it.”

J: “Oh, it’s called the earth, where the house stands on top of! ……. isn’t it?”

It’s nice to see that they find simple things as intriguing as last week’s “I wonder if the moon is hot or cold” :)

Have a nice weekend!

Nature Art

I found that nature art is a great way to capture children’s imagination and creativity. At the time of this particular morning out, it was also a perfect distraction from “Why are we walking around this forest when we are so cold and feel so miserable? and surely it’s time for our snack..!”-kind of talk.

nature art

I started to put a few leaves down and straight away Jonah’s mood changed and his imagination was working fast: “Let’s make a circle”, “We can find some pinecones”, “I think it’s going to be a tree” and Noah was happy to follow.

There was a little tension in deciding what to put in the centre as Jonah wanted chestnut and Noah insisted on a stone, but they managed to compromise…

nature art

WP_20141002_10_41_25_Pro (2)

WP_20141002_10_42_01_Pro (2)

New crochet mandala


This was made for a present…I thought it could be easy enough to utilise around the house, as a tea pot coaster, or under a plant pot, or other places a doily would be used. (Though I guess even though I’d love to receive a crocheted present…maybe not everyone would?)

Green Super Smoothie

We have a favourite smoothie recipe that is great for breakfasts, snacks and as a dessert (maybe not all on one day). I use a pineapple and banana as a base and sometimes if I happen to have oranges and extra time I squeeze some orange juice otherwise I use filtered water. Pineapple, banana and orange give a great child friendly flavour and allows you to put all sorts of healthy goodies in. Then I add fresh spinach, as much as I can get away with, which usually is about two very generous handfuls!


This is the last of my own grown spinach from the garden for this year, it’s been attacked by bugs and slugs, overgrown by weeds, so I picked what I could and left the rest for my hens to enjoy.


…only one modest handful this time…huh…but one handful of fresh organic spinach is better than no spinach at all :)


…that’s the smoothie part and for the “super” part I add: ground flaxseed, ground hemp seeds, spirulina powder, maca powder, coconut oil. Sometimes I add all of these, sometimes just a selection. Apart from coconut oil, which adds a tropical twist to the smoothie – you can’t taste other ingredients and children love it.


I actually put the spinach in last otherwise the spirulina and maca powders end up all over the walls of the jug and don’t mix into the smoothie.


Green Super Smoothie

  • Servings: 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


1 large ripe banana

2 fresh pineapple rings

1-2 generous handfuls of fresh spinach

300 mls orange juice or filtered water (add more liquid if you don’t like a thick smoothie)

Optional (use all of these, none of these or pick and choose) :

1tbs raw organic coconut oil

1-2 tsp freshly ground flaxseeds

1-2 tsp ground hemp seeds

1tsp of spirulina powder

1tsp of maca powder

Directions: SONY DSC

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until desired consistency (my children like it smooth). I tend to put the liquid in first and loose spinach last, and I use my fruit chilled. You can freeze pineapple and banana in chunks and blend it from frozen, for thicker- ice cream like texture.

Hope you’ll enjoy your vitamin, mineral, protein and omega 3 rich tasty drink!