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Getting ready for colder months…

Today we went on a short morning visit to Forge Mill farm and while the kids were playing at the playground I found lots of elderberry bushes around the playground and some of the elderberries were ripe already!! We picked a few and this afternoon we made some flu busting elderberry, honey and ginger syrup. My Grandma used to make elderberry syrup every year (though she used sugar instead of honey) and it was great for preventing flu and very soothing once we had a cold. Reducing the numbers of sniffles and colds that the boys catch this year is my biggest Autumn/Winter goal. Nothing worse than poorly little people.


I tried this recipe, which looked quite good and included what I wanted to use to make it:


It’s a brilliant recipe! The syrup turned out way better then I expected and it has a great flavour. My children love it -It was hard to pull them away from the jar, they’d be quite happy to drink it all in one sitting! The suggested dose for preventing colds is 1 tsp a day and I think it won’t be easy trying to keep it down to that little amount:)