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Crochet out of my comfort zone


When it comes to my usual crochet I like bright colours and tend to keep to circles and squares. But with my friend’s birthday I enjoyed doing something out of my “crochet comfort zone” and reached for calmer natural colours (which she prefers) and I used this pattern to make a heart shaped decoration. At least I intended to make a heart shape decoration, which turned out to NOT be a very defined “heart” I also managed to struggle along the way and improvised a lot and got quite stressed as my time was running out… But overall the colour and shape change was quite refreshing and since then I’ve been itching to use calmer colours again.


Air drying clay

I wanted to try out air drying clay for ageees. Having little children gives me opportunit to try new things :). I didn’t have much of a clue how to use it but I assumed it would be pretty easy because the clay I bought didn’t have any instructions. Being over familiar with playdough, I expected it to mould easily in our hands, which it didn’t, but once we got the idea it was easy to make basic shapes. Adding a tiny bit of water made the clay easier to work with.

Od dluzszego czasu chcialam wyprobowac glinki ceramicznej. Nie mam pojecia jak sie jej uzywa, ale wyszlam z zalozenia, ze nie jest to skomplikowany proces skoro glinka ceramiczna która zakupilam nie posiadala zadnych instrukcji. Bedac nazbyt przyzwyczajona do ciastoliny, myslalam ze bedzie sie ja bardzo latwo modelowalo. Jest to calkowicie inny material, ale szybko mozna sie polapac w jego modelowaniu, uzycie malych ilosci wody pozwolilo nam na wygodniejsze uzywanie.  

My idea for this craft came from something I saw on pinterest ages ago. Someone made a big leaf print in concrete to make stepping stones for their garden. I thought that making a leaf print in clay would be simple enough for Jonah’s first clay project. I used a redcurrant leaf from our garden.

Pomyslalam ze odbijanie liscia czerwonej porzeczki, bedzie latwym I ciekawym pomyslem dla maluchow jako ich pierwszy projekt z glinki ceramicznej.


Jonah enjoyed pressing the leaf down and together we used a plastic knife to cut out the leaf shape from the rest of the clay. Two favourite things that Jonah can make very well out of playdough are snowmen and snails. So using his super snail making skills I though that adding a snail onto the leaf would make a good finish for this little project.


Air drying clay can take a few days to dry, depending on the temperature. Jonah’s project took about 40 hours on a hot sunny windowsill, with the wind blowing through. Then Jonah painted it with acrylic paint, he chose his favourite colour blue (ignoring my strong encouragement towards at least a bit of green colour on the leaf!). We let it dry for 24 hours and then I painted it with a clear glaze, which required another 12 hours to dry. Finally Jonah’s handmade present for Granny was finished.


A candle holder.