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Easter egg decorations – part 1


Over a month ago I bough a pack of polystyrene eggs, (the same size as normal eggs) to make some Easter decorations. For days I was searching my head for ideas- pinterest and everywhere else for inspiration but couldn’t come up with anything that I really liked… And finally on Friday morning – a week before Easter- I got it. Keep it simple- use PVA and water mixture and pieces of tissue paper. Then I spent over an hour trying to locate polystyrene eggs, searching every craft box and every cupboard- they just VANISHED. How very annoying! Even more so that I already told my boys we could make an Easter egg craft together.

After a quick-ish trip to the craft store we came back with tiny polystyrene eggs-because that was all they had a week before Easter! Huh. Still. Nothing is a problem. At least we had something to decorate:)


This is what we did:

We picked the colours of tissue paper we wanted to use (light blue, yellow and bright green) and cut them into pieces.


(we hoped that some of the hearts would show through as a pattern- on finished eggs…and in places they are clear but next time I would use plain tissue paper)

In a jar I mixed some PVA glue with tap water in 1:1 ratio – stirring well to combine. Then we used cheap paint brushes to apply glue mixture onto polystyrene egg and covered with pieces of tissue paper.



Coating generously with glue mixture we covered each egg with two-three layers of tissue paper. Making sure the last layer was also covered in glue (the glue mixture turns clear when dry).

We finished of with a piece of ribbon and a pin.


So far we only have blue eggs, but hopefully in the next two days we will be able to add yellow and green eggs and decorate our house.