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Christmas tree cones

I am trying to write a Christmas craft tutorial…and do million other- daily living- things and it’s going very slowly. So in the mean time I thought I’d  share these Christmas trees I made for window decorations at my church.


The one on the left I made using paper cone, that I made myself-(next time I think I would use a papier maché cone for more sturdy and easier work). I used textured card in 3 shades of green, 1 1/2 inch (4cm) round hole punch and liquid glue for paper (Pritt glue pen).



I wanted to have two green Christmas tree cones so to make the crazy looking glittery green one I adapted the idea from here.


In this instance that was the look I wanted to try out, but I do prefer the original idea of white cone Christmas tree, and it is very quick and easy to make when you follow steps from the original website. 

Christmas is coming!

November was somehow very Christmassy to me. Firstly, I wanted to get ahead with Christmas presents. My plan was to buy and wrap 85% of my Christmas presents by the end of November. I bought 90% of gifts and wrapped maybe 60%, but still feel ahead and at end of this week I’m hoping to reach my target:).

gift wrap


xmas wrap

Secondly, with a friend’s help I organised Christmas craft morning at my church- I was hoping that we would creatively come together and make decorations which would later remind us of the wonderful family atmosphere we shared that morning. And I love all the work people of all ages put into this and it looks homely and great (unlike my photo, which definitely doesn’t look great..) (I’ll be sharing a few things that I learnt in preparations in later posts).

church hall

I even listened to quite a bit of Christmas music…

…and now feel very Christmassy…