…back on track…

Health has been on my mind recently… At the beginning of 2015 I was hoping and planning to incorporate more nutrition to my family’s diet…

We do eat healthy and have been for many years. But every year we try to improve our health and nutrition. 5 years ago I’d say we were healthy- with cooking from scratch, occasional juicing- eating green veggies…but then -every year we learnt something about the food on our table and we made better choices.

So 2015 was going to bring the best change yet. Sprouting, juicing, making veggie smoothies, superfoods- that was the plan!

BUT life is unpredictable and doesn’t always keep with our plans. Without going into deep, sorry, unnecessary details…- my everyday normal life with my excited and big hopes for the nearest future has crashed. And literally from one day to another I found myself without friends and on the verge of loosing most of our income (ehhh..there is church life for you) followed by a phone call that my dad was taken to hospital and his condition was critical.

I took life that I had for granted. Life became such a puzzle – It was the kind of thing when you want to go to sleep and wake up in 2016, after the dust from the crash had settled. Instead you have children to take to school and care for and cook for…their lives don’t stop- they still teeth and cry and bump their heads so badly you need to rush to A&E…

Huh the beginning of 2015 was a hard ride, but through it all it was important to keep my inner peace intact.. and maintain some kind of balance and at the same time pick up the pieces and restructure our life.

And with gratitude and grace and love and forgiveness I am carrying on ready to begin 2015 as I initially planned…


The last 5 weeks were very busy as I was trying to get into a routine with vegetable juicing, making healthy smoothies and sprouting. After just a few days of doing this I’ve been feeling energised, more awake and my memory has improved! Healthy life is busy and pricey so I am taking my time to figure out how to make the most with what I have. I am writing all this partially to explain my long absence and partially to warn about a few healthy ideas coming up (hopefully alongside non food ideas…) :)


Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “…back on track…

  1. nicolaknits

    Sending you love and light and glad to see things are getting back on an even keel for you. Look forward to your posts about eating healthy food :-)



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