“We have Easter in our house”

Children are so good at being happy and enjoying life to the fullest. Jonah (my 4 year old son) has been very excited about Easter. After his birthday, at the beginning of March, he asked if we could “make Easter in our house”…and we have done A LOT of Easter and Spring activities since then-


Easter buntings have been up for over two weeks now, and the boys already have enjoyed three Easter egg hunts -no sweets included so in theory you can have as many Easter egg hunts as you want (???). I filled a few plastic eggs with some stickers, Easter shaped erasers and a few little toys from their toy box- like bouncy balls and small animals that they haven’t play with for a while – and they loved it. I think it’s the searching for eggs that they love the most and of course the count down to the real Easter egg hunt- with chocolate!

They also enjoyed the real Easter story, which I focused on FORGIVENESS. Even though at Jonah’s nursery they talked a lot about Jesus dying on the cross, I don’t think he can quite understand that (or maybe I do not want him to understand what death is… just yet)- so I just focus on Easter being a reminder of Jesus going to Heaven and forgiving our sins. With two little boys in the house there are plenty of opportunities to exercise forgiveness! Noah (age 2) understands as much as he does, but I can see that Jonah really learnt something- and he is more likely to accept Noah’s apology with a smile:).

As I mentioned here before, for various reasons we don’t eat carbs- so Wednesday brought even more excitement when Daddy suggested making hot cross buns!




My children have definitely enjoyed Easter preparation and are super excited about the next four days, we planned a few outings, where they will be able to run around and enjoy nature. But today I realised that all that time, their excitement have been contagious, I have been feeling  down about things more recently and they definitely brought rays of sunshine to my days.

Hope your Easter preparation is busy and filled with lots of lovely things and may You find joy this Easter!


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